Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy Summer and Fall

I've been busy with several art related projects, but I do not have much to post at the moment. There are a couple of plein air landscape paintings in the works which might get posted soon. I have also been working on my application for the Arkansas Artist Registry, which should be ready to go into the mail by Thursday or Friday this week. Several of my paintings recently sold, so I'm busy trying get some new work to Suzanne at The Frame Shop and Gallery in Russellville in time for the holidays.

I have also just finished a large run of silk screen tee shirts. I started with two different designs, The Home Improvement Monkey and the Flying Monkey. I'm working on several new tee shirt designs, so those should be ready to go soon. I have launched another blog for my tee shirts too.

And, if that wasn't enough, I have been working on redesigning my "official" art website and building some canvas stretchers for some new paintings. They range in size from just under 2' x 3' up to 6' x 8'. That last one is so big that I'm not even sure where I'll have space enough to work on it, but I'm sure I can figure something out.

In any case, check back soon. Hopefully there will be some new material for you. Thanks!

The Frame Shop and Gallery

I've been showing and selling my artwork at The Frame Shop and Gallery in Russellville, Arkansas, for several years now. They have a new website: click here to see more.

Suzanne, the owner, does a fabulous job. When I need my work framed or matted, she is the person that I take it to. I don't use her because she is only 15 minutes away from my house, but because she is good.

As an artist, I would highly recommend taking your art to her to be shown. She's been in Russellville for years, and she knows her clientele. She just doesn't hang your work up, she makes sure that people with an interest in it see it. She sold a mermaid I painted in under twelve hours because she steered the right people to it. Also, by art world standards, Suzanne takes a relatively modest commission on the works she sells, and she does not play at the games a lot of galleries do: there are no exclusive contracts, weird fees, double dealing, et cetera.