Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Ben

Gouache on illustration board, approximately 10"x10," $275.00.

This painting was a project at SCAD. Using our gouache sets (black, white, primary red, primary blue, and primary yellow only) we were supposed to paint a picture in the style of Chuck Close from a photograph.

I think the measurements are correct, but please check with me if I haven't updated this post and you are interested in the painting.

The Ozarks

Watercolor on paper, approximately 5"x7," SOLD.

Savaged Orange

Oil on cradled panel, 9"x12," not for sale (my wife confiscated this one).

Mermaid II (finished at last)

Vanessa, since you asked, here it is. Sorry, the colors are a bit whited out by the flash. Compositionally, there are several things I'd change if I were to paint this one over again, but I learned a lot from it none the less.

American Elm

Oil on cradled maple panel, 9"x12," currently unavailable.